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Stella Olivier

An Otherworldly Realm (2020)
The eternal digital exhibition 

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How To View The Exhibition

Reflective writing will guide you through the three sections that divide the show : Dream Realms , Ethereal Spaces and Otherworldly Flowers.


Scroll or click on the white arrows to see the different artworks. Double click on the pictures to expand the images and see the titles.  

If you are interested in trying out the Alien Flowers filter go to my Instagram @oliv.st or search for Alien Flowers in the Instagram filter section.


Thank you!! Have a gander, enjoy and if you have any questions don’t hesitate to drop me a line!

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In isolation I found comfort in creating a dreamworld with open spaces. Initially I fantasized about an alien planet made of tiny, pixel sized creatures. From far away the planet gives the illusion of being solid but if observed closely, it becomes clear that the space is nonmaterial.  This inspired abstract, colourful art made from digitally edited images of concrete, rust and most of all clouds. Clouds became so predominant in my art that I began to question the narrative that I was pursuing. My work was reminding me of visions of paradise. So, I started looking at  western depictions of  heaven and how philosophers dealt with concepts such as aliens, the afterlife and physicality. Influenced by Plato’s idea of the Supercelestial and Foucault’s Heterotopias I build more dreamscapes blending the concepts of alien & heaven . 

After all, both maybe exist (fingers crossed), float in space, are governed by weird laws of gravity and force, are pretty damn magical AND large part of the population knows about them from movies or religions/cults.

Dream Realms


Ethereal Spaces

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What laws (of space/general science) govern/work in heaven and or   alien planets?

My guess is that everything needs to be compressed into something but entities, memories, spirits, whatever resides there does not necessarily need to exist on its own. Things are liquified fractions of something.

So everything is everything for space to be something.



Otherworldly Flowers

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We are now at 7 to 8 months of solid social distancing and being isolated.

Vaguely designing otherworldly realms dosen't do it anymore anymore.

Detail is needed and brought to the ethereal spaces through glitchy heavenly alien orchids.

A VR filter serves as a bridge between fiction and wherever you find yourself while reading this. 


Click on the icon below or search for @oliv.st on instagram to experience Alien Flowers.

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Alien Flowers Growing in Paradise

Digital collage made from pictures of concrete, walls and flowers, 2020, Stella Olivier

Thank you for visiting my exhibition!!! Have a lovely day !