Stella Olivier

An Otherworldly Realm

A Digital Exhibition Inspired by Aliens, Heaven and 2020 

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How To View The Exhibition

Reflective writing will guide you through the three sections that divide the show : Dream Realms , Ethereal Spaces and Otherworldly Flowers.


Scroll or click on the white arrows to see the different artworks. Double click on the pictures to expand the images and see the titles.  

If you are interested in trying out the Alien Flowers filter go to my Instagram @oliv.st or search for Alien Flowers in the Instagram filter section.


Thank you!! Have a gander, enjoy and if you have any questions don’t hesitate to drop me a line!

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In isolation I found comfort in creating a dreamworld with open spaces. Initially I fantasized about an alien planet that was built out of tiny, pixel sized creatures. From far away the planet would give the illusion of being solid but if observed closely, it becomes clear that the space is nonmaterial.  This inspired abstract, colourful art that derives from digitally edited images of concrete, rust and most of all clouds. In fact clouds became so predominant in my art that I began to question the narrative that I was pursuing. My work was reminding me of visions of paradise. I found this very intriguing and started looking at  western depictions of  heaven and how philosophers dealt with concepts such as aliens, the afterlife and physicality. Important influences during this stage were Plato’s idea of the Supercelestial and Foucault’s Heterotopias. This research helped me contextualise my work but didn’t bring the clarity I was hoping for in regards to what I actually wanted to achieve. What opened my eyes was the movie Annihilation (2018). The sci-fi-horror picture shows mutations that are so beautiful that  you are left wondering if they are spirits, hallucinations or extraterrestrials. The plot adds a dark connotation to aliens and heaven but it merges the two concepts based on a romantic and ethereal aesthetic. This helped me shift my focus on an explicit mix of the two rather than keeping them separated.

Dream Realms


Ethereal Spaces

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After focusing on a spiritual idea of other worlds and depicting broad areas of space I desired developing physical laws for my dream realms. My research shifted and I started investigating why planets are round and how Nebulas come to existence. This led me to produce art that plays with the idea of physicality. And so the magical space that encompasses heaven and aliens might be a two dimensional square or a flat circle filled with colour.

All the images that belong to this series were created from digitally edited shots of metal, wood, plastic, stone and concrete. I wanted to start this project with solid elements to develop ethereal artworks that are displayed for eternity in a digital realm.


Otherworldly Flowers

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Around October I started to deviate from abstract art and tried a more figurative approach.  While my previous artworks were created mostly with heavily edited close ups of textures, I proceeded to look at plants, orchids in particular, to design otherworldly flowers. I was intrigued by the idea of adding magical details to my dream realms but I felt unsatisfied with the range of mediums I was using and desired to build something interactive . So after creating a number of two dimensional pieces I used Spark AR Studio to build a filter that you can find on my Instagram @oliv.st or by searching for Alien Flowers in the Instagram filter section.

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Alien Flowers Growing in Paradise

Digital collage made from pictures of concrete, walls and flowers, 2020, Stella Olivier

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