Stella Olivier is a visual artist that specialises in contemporary forms of landscapes and still life art. Influenced by historical mimesis, Cottagecore and other internet phenomena, the artist combines imagery from her home to artefacts borrowed from the virtual collections of museums to create eclectic escapist scenes. 
Often her pieces are partially auto-generated and rely on artificial intelligence. A controlled quantity of chance allows for her work to become surreal and bound to the virtual. Although she frequently operates online, Stella engages with a wide variety of mediums, including assemblage, writing, augmented reality, stitching, print and projection. Stella’s art aims to be stimulating and nostalgic. Alongside peculiar antiques and baroque decor the artist utilises and celebrates objects that she discovers or creates in her day-to-day life. Pebbles collected on small walks as well as sounds recorded in her kitchen or images of stains become important ornaments and help form the fictional ethereal compositions she drafts.  
The artist's most recent project consists of a ‘choose your own adventure’ inspired website that was presented at the Karts Gallery through a QR code. The piece investigates the ideal of pastoral life through the lens of aesthetic trends and was made by altering images from the heart of the venetian plain.

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Past Projects

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Art Competitions


Art Story Student Competition 2021

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Digital collage art commissioned by Tate in 2020

All That They Could Pick Up On Their Screens Was Snow   ​

Tate Competition: Finding Home 2022

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