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Stella Olivier is an Italian-German visual artist, currently based in Stuttgart/DE.


Fascinated by historical fiction and online culture, she specialises in contemporary forms of landscape and still life art. Her research centres on extracting wonder from the mundane and establishing connections between the neglected contemporary and idealised past. Her practice spans from choose your own adventure games, to installation, painting, digital sculpting and augmented reality work but is always rooted in a method of digital collage that makes use of artificial intelligence.  Keen on exploring new digital pathways and diving into extremely sporadic studies, Olivier builds immersive worlds and archives that capture a shared longing to escape modernity and technology (oftentimes through technology). In pursuit of digital escapism, she crafts online spaces of rest and recollection and interactive archives that invite viewers to ponder about urban, rural and digital space. Critically passionate about post-internet theories, transhistorical curation, historical fiction and mimesis, her work is oftentimes inspired by stains and pebbles, shiny things and bizarre antiquary she discovers through Google Arts and Culture’s search engine.


The artist’s work has been on show during Late at Tate Britain, she developed promotional material for Tate twice and was shortlisted for the Venice Fellowship Programme by the British Council in 2022. Her most recent project, The Memory Of Stone, has been on display at ‘Intermission’ and the Platform Graduate Award show. In Stuttgart the artist is working with Akademie Schloss Solitude.

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Past Projects

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Art Competitions

Art Competitions

Art Story Student Competition 2021

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Digital collage art commissioned by Tate in 2020

All That They Could Pick Up On Their Screens Was Snow   ​

Tate Competition: Finding Home 2022

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