Through digital and physical art Stella Olivier pursues the themes of space, escapism and nostalgia.  Her work process combines different techniques but is always linked to collage. By fragmenting, rearranging and modifying parts of different elements the artist builds ethereal landscapes and still-lifes that offer the opportunity to day-dream and escape unexciting moments and burdensome thoughts. 


Stella’s practice is inspired by mundane findings, familiar & unfamiliar settings, science, history, internet culture & philosophy. The artist engages with a wide variety of mediums, including assemblage, digital collage, augmented reality, print and projection. While based in fiction, her art always borrows from common sights and often juxtaposes natural and artificial textures to digital patterns. This approach generates imperfections that add to the imaginary, fictitious nature of her art.


Recently the artist started exploring the internet phenomenon 'Cottagecore’ and borrowed from the digital collections of museums to create short animations and glitchy bucolic scenes that investigate the ideal of the pastoral life. Influenced by motion pictures and internet culture the artist employs bright colours, particularly pinks and blues that help generate phantasmagorical atmospheres.  


Stella’s work is available in smaller or larger sizes on request. Limited edition prints and digital files are sold through her website and by the Tate shops during the festive season (All that they could pick up on their screens was snow Christmas cards, 2020 ). 

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Body Sculptures

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An  Otherworldly  Realm

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triplets of petals.png

All That They Could Pick Up On Their Screens Was Snow 

All That They Could Pick Up On Their Screens Was Snow   ​

Digital collage art commissioned by Tate in 2020